The bigaycaya is exhibited weeks through to the matrimony, saw by family relations, household members and you may members of the community

The bigaycaya is exhibited weeks through to the matrimony, saw by family relations, household members and you may members of the community

Ancient Filipino Marriage Traditions

Gladys Pinky D. Tolete authored: “During the early times, Tagalog brides and you will grooms came from an equivalent public classification. Before matrimony, the brand new groom try obliged to give gift ideas in order to their coming in-legislation that is in your town referred to as bigaycaya. Exactly what comprises the new bigaycaya undergone transactions. Should your inside the-rules wanted more than that was usual, they might was indeed necessary to allow the hitched partners gift ideas eg submissives, gold trinkets, otherwise a bit of residential property. This is certainly known as pasanor. Plus the bigaycaya, the fresh new groom as well as paid the fresh new bride’s mommy to take proper care of their dear – this was the new pasuso. Yet not, Tagalog wedding events next weren’t long lasting. Should the bride-to-be wish to remarry, she you will definitely return this new bigaycaya towards groom. New spouse, on top of that, you’ll forfeit the brand new bigaycaya when the he had been disappointed on the wedding, but if that they had youngsters, new bigaycaya is passed on to their offspring. [Source: Gladys Pinky D. Tolete, kasal ^]

Regarding the duration of Urduja-a 15th century warrior little princess-it absolutely was prГёv her custoong very early Filipinos so you can get married within classification. Maharlikas hitched feminine of the nobility; timaguas (freemen) married this new daughters of their co-worker; and you may submissives partnered other slaves. There are no sanctions facing groups intermarrying; still, such as for example times was basically uncommon. Whenever a guy intentions to query a great girl’s hand in ily thrust a good spear on the stairways off a great girl’s domestic. It was a statement theatrically obvious you to definitely she soon might possibly be spoken to have. Shortly after seriously interested in marrying, the person will-call into village head plus the elders to announce his intent and name their designed. The main will post the his timaguas so you can negotiate the marriage. [Source: Alvina, C. & Sta. Maria, F. 1987. Essays on Philippine Society, kasal == ]

Again, going back to the full time away from Urduja, beside the bigay-kaya, the man was required to create most other unique compensatory gifts. Like: a specific sum into girl’s mother (to possess sleepless evening when you look at the rearing her daughter out of birth), a separate contribution so you’re able to their particular dad (whom always asked for a good dowry comparable to what he’d made available to the latest girl’s mommy), nonetheless a different in order to her wet-nurse (for having fed this new fiance once the a child with dairy off her own breast.) So you can finest it all, in the event the his household members couldn’t build the brand new negotiated dowry, he had to endure a time period of servitude (paninilbihan) in the girl’s domestic until he’d won sufficient for the relationship. It was also known as subok, an examination out of his like and you will fortitude. ==

Grain and you will Philippine Weddings

Gladys Pinky D. Tolete composed: “Possibly one of several items that distinguishes Filipinos from other countries are the enormous fascination with grain. Zero full buffet was ever before considered over instead of grain, and rice has been attributed to the fresh new fast formation and you can creativity off pre-colonial groups. The country’s land are dotted that have broad flatlands regarding rice paddies. Grain as well as data conspicuously inside our marriage methods. Through the pre-colonial minutes, handfuls away from grain try traded between the Filipino few to help you solemnize their wedding. Social status was allowed to be measured from the level of grain a family group had held. [Source: Gladys Pinky D. Tolete kasal ^]

Now, while the recently-weds get free from the newest chapel after the service, he’s met by the showers away from rice grain off their well-wishers. That it routine contours returning to the center Decades where in fact the Christians accompanied the Jewish practice of putting handfuls off wheat more a great newly-wed couple so you’re able to guarantee virility. Wheat is actually following substituted for grain while the latter is actually abundant and less expensive. ^

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