Spent yet another charming xmas and you will new-year in Poland therefore coped ;-) Vodka support

Spent yet another charming xmas and you will new-year in Poland therefore coped πŸ˜‰ Vodka support

Hello,I’m a separate English woman that have a gloss spouse plus in rules. Which means your not at all alone. I also have a problem with what but I am slowly selecting it up quite nicely. I’m able to cam a tiny (very good in the swearing and you can slang) however, I know plenty. I’m going to be surviving in Warsaw soon thus bundle to take some sessions to change.Where are you presently off in the uk? I’m regarding north-east. xx

I’m out-of Cumbria but located in Manchester. Now i’m attending discover once i get along and you may maybe not proper care extreme. When might you want to move around? the a distinction is not it? p.s Just how did you one another fulfill?

Other side of the country in my experience following during the Cumbria. We have household members in Manchester (Hyde). Yeah, try not to worry about the text, it will become easier as time passes and exercises. I find viewing Gloss Tv helps and also once we observe movies my partner throws polish subtitles in it and that i discover that way too. The things i find toughest is significantly out-of Polish conditions are merely united nations-natural to English tongues, emails we have-not before must have fun with together just never roll from our mouths easily. I have considering my boyfriend a lot of laughs while he listens once i destroy their words:D I invested a while in Warsaw this past year and you can treated okay (with the exception of single as i mistakenly informed one of many employees about local Tesco. Przepraszam, nie rozumiem moj jezyk polski jest gowno. and this converts sorry, we cannot learn, my personal gloss language is shite lol) I didn’t imply they in the future out that way. it just brand of did thankfully the guy heard of comedy top, however, I am even more cautious with what We say today, I would personally was indeed mortified basically had insulted a mature people. Our company is heading for Warsaw this weekend so we met when both of us spent some time working to one another.

Funny we inhabit Ashton under lyne πŸ˜‰ It’s funny when people mistake your if you are Gloss. This new Crap word makes me personally make fun of. the eg our very own Govener having of course is actually slag to own all right employer hahah. This past year we were on Skype with my people’s brother searching having automobiles and i didnt understand this his sibling leftover claiming co? co? once i many times told you ooohh chesp car low priced automobile! Of course which appears like woman pieces from inside the Gloss ha-ha. We have been off to Poland once more on 6th to have team and certainly will get a decoder towards the Gloss television due to the fact sure i understand you are proper. p.s gloss guys are charming arnt it πŸ˜‰

Miras doesnt stress me to cam the words as he loves our vocabulary which will be pleased i coached him it

Ha ha “cheap” i know precisely which polish term your mean lol. Tell your partner to check the tv companies. we had Aster within our apartment during the Poland there try an abundance of channels that have English subs otherwise you to greeting you to definitely change the language so you’re able to English also, should you want to.

His neices and nephews love which have an English Brother and feature sexy american Aran girls me personally over to their freinds and English code teacher (who’s a tiny scared of me)

a home based job today πŸ˜‰ ah nice suggestion as we want to feel a beneficial bi lingual family unit members when we are now living in Poland. Everyone in the town was satisfied and you may a small envious i thought. A number of try reading English at school but most terrified so you can are at all like me whenever talking Gloss, people giggle but Miras claims the end up in i sound-sweet. That nephew will not undertake i’m English and you may talks to me from inside the Gloss for hours on end lol (cute). You to neighbour said they are browsing English university when he is feel i am very comedy once we possess people and you will will love having Miras not to have to help you convert the dos mins (used to do teach him particular impolite terms to go to functions with in the new seasons whether or not). Have you got people but really? Exactly how was the husbands family relations with you?

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