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The FAST intake not only gave us an additional 20+hp, it improved the power curve from 4,400 rpm to 7,000 rpm, with no loss of power below that point. The Edelbrock Pro-Flow shared the tunnel-ram design with the TSP and Holley Hi-Ram, but the runners were slightly longer than the TSP. The Edelbrock showed the effectiveness of this design by offering 593 hp and 474 lb-ft of torque (up 6 lb-ft). Like the TSP, the Edelbrock was down compared to the LS1 below 4,700 rpm, but pulled away handily thereafter. Designed as a factory upgrade for the LS1, the LS6 intake once again proved its reputation by significantly improving the power of our 6.0L. Compared to the LS1, the LS6 offered an additional 22 hp and 15 lb-ft of torque.

intake test

And wearing CMP LS7 heads, the all-aluminum test motor began life as an LS3. To achieve the desired bore size of 4.130 inches, the LS3 block was sleeved and bored to receive a 4.0-inch, Manley stroker assembly. The forged reciprocating combo included 4.130-bore, forged flat-top pistons, matching H-beam rods and the Platinum-series stroker crank.

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It seems the truck engineers were every bit as sharp as the Corvette guys, as the LY6 intake produced all but identical power numbers. The truck manifold seemed to favor torque production slightly more than peak power, but only by a few numbers. Equipped with the LY6 intake, the LS3 test motor produced just 576 hp and 533 lb-ft of torque. For our fourth and final intake combination of the day, we utilized an MSD Atomic AirForce intake. This a radical departure from the cast aluminum Hi-Ram intake and uses a high-tech polymer construction, which makes this intake manifold extremely light, and have excellent heat rejection properties. It also has slightly smaller, very long runners that allow it to deliver a wide powerband perfect for dual purpose cars, road course racers and more.

This graph shows each manifold and is a very clear picture as to where each sines. The single throttle body plenum is going to be the most docile at low revs and part throttle whereas the dual 4150 and dual 4500 throttle bodies are going to be touchier. Power & Performance News is the source for news, tech and products that help you get more performance from your vehicle.

Automobile engine intakes

It is also important to note that there may be a change in results based on different ways that the laboratory processes the test. The amount of dietary iodine that is initially ingested can also affect the results. While the scan is being done, you will be asked to sit on a clinic chair while the gamma probe is set on your neck. You will need to fast for 8 hours before taking the radioactive iodine uptake test. Aircraft with a maximum speed greater than about Mach 2 use intakes with variable geometry to achieve good pressure recovery from take-off to maximum speed. An intake is an opening, structure or system through which a fluid is admitted to a space or machine as a consequence of a pressure differential between the outside and the inside.

intake test

This can be seen as a negative or a positive, as the effect is often to broaden the power curve. The two intake designs were optimized for specific engine speeds and power outputs, with the single-plane offering enhanced high-rpm power, and the dual-plane providing plenty of low- and mid-range torque. For this latest adventure, we assembled 19 small block Chevy single-plane intake manifolds and ran them all across a 550hp, 406ci small block Chevy.

Dyno Tested: How to Choose the right Intake Manifold for your LS Engine

Wirelessly charge InFlow for 1.5hrs every 2-4 months for unlimited hydration testing. InFlow should be rinsed with water, without being removed from the urinal, during normal cleaning schedules by the cleaning staff. InFlow can also be sprayed with most common cleaning chemicals and then rinsed off with water, however Hydrochloric Acid based cleaners will damage InFlow and should be avoided. A custodial care card is provided with your order to give care instructions to the team. Our system is not impacted by the small amount of residual sample from previous tests that may be left behind.

intake test

The modern automobile air intake system has three main parts, an air filter, mass flow sensor, and throttle body. Some modern intake systems can be highly complex, and often include specially-designed intake manifolds to optimally distribute air and air/fuel mixture to each cylinder. Many cars today now include a silencer to minimize the noise entering the cabin.

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The engineers designed the induction system to meet specific needs that naturally included, but were not exclusive to, power output. Were this the case, their expertise would make short work of extra power production. Taking sides in an argument is a time honored tradition, just ask any Camaro or Mustang owner. This competitive spirit carries over to carbureted induction systems, as the single-plane vs dual-plane feud has been going on for decades. The dual-plane camp plays the torque card, while the single-plane boys tout peak power.

intake test

Edelbrock has probably sold more Victor Jr. ‘s over the years than the rest of the field combined. Despite its relatively low carb height, it offers great average torque and peak horsepower. For a car with a restricted hood line, this manifold would be a wise choice. As one of the shortest manifolds in the test, it offers good potential in low hood applications. Steady readers know we’ve been giving our 347 dyno mule a serious workout by testing popular 5.0 intake manifolds.

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We like to name our engines because it’s easier keep them all straight, so this 406 is now dubbed Rodney, as in Dangerfield, because until now it has never received any respect. But after this marathon flogging, Rodney has earned his walkin’ papers, as he endured us beating the snot out of him for more than 100 power pulls over four days, with never a whimper. This intake test should be executable in a very limited amount of time and describe the positive flow trough your modules under test. Based on the result of this intake test, delivery issues can be found instantly. From the moment of ordering the environment, the teams focus should be on making this test work and all reasons why it doesn’t will return into critical issues or defects that require high priority to solve. But how often do we end up in situations where at least one of those entry criteria are not met, which blocks us from proceeding with testing?

  • It posted the highest peak power, both in rpm and horsepower, and it hangs on to its power-making potential longer than the other intakes.
  • However, existing player reported data collection workflows can easily be adapted to ask players for their InFlow hydration color if desired.
  • The power was up substantially at the peak, but we liked the fact the Speedmaster Qualifier traded no power down low.
  • It is also important to note that there may be a change in results based on different ways that the laboratory processes the test.
  • What this means is that even LS owners are forced to choose between the available single- and dual-plane intakes.
  • The forged reciprocating combo included 4.130-bore, forged flat-top pistons, matching H-beam rods and the Platinum-series stroker crank.
  • These CNC-ported heads featured (smaller-than-stock) 258-cc intake ports, 108-cc exhaust ports and 62.5-cc combustion chambers.

Of course, that describes a daily driver; if yours sees only the odd track day, the BBK and GT-40 are worth considering. Of course, if revving action is what you’re after, the top-end manifolds are your best choice. The single- and dual-pane intakes required dramatically different jetting on the carburetor. The reduced vacuum signal offered by the single-plane required increased jetting to produce the same air/fuel ratio as the dual-plane.

Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor, How It Works & Function

We see lots of the other, more common intake varieties in testing, but guys at the dyno always stop and take a hard look at anything sporting a carbon fiber exterior. You won’t likely find another version at your local drag race or hot spot, at least not until the all-polymer version from FAST hits the scene. The intake features adjustable runner lengths, but this stroker combination ran best with the longest runners. Equipped as such, the Carbon pTR produced 653 hp and 571 lb-ft of torque.

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