But he was not yet happy to like a serious relationships partner

But he was not yet happy to like a serious relationships partner

At the age five, Henrietta Catharina, among the many five dalia von Solms, try engaged in order to Enno Lodewijk, Count of East Friesland

Using this type of feedback, Elizabeth Stuart may have recommended her nephew Charles to genuinely thought proposing relationship so you’re able to Henrietta Catharina off Oranje-Nassau. Towards the consent of one’s Says-Standard, it engagement is actually mixed at the conclusion of 1656, just like the Henrietta Catharina got a good dislike because of it count, who was known as ‘a cruel person that had killed the their benefactors and you may mistreated his mother’.

During the summer from 1657, the original exploratory attempts have been made to arrange a match anywhere between Johan Georg II (1627-1693) of Anhalt-Dessau and Henrietta Catharina, but absolutely nothing tangible arrived of them for the present time. Nevertheless, in the July 1659, despite Charles Stuart’s courting out of Henrietta Catharina throughout the last half from 1658, she’d in reality marry Anhalt-Dessau. This new efforts out-of their own brother-in-legislation, Frederick William I, Elector from Brandenburg, along with his spouse, Henrietta Catharina’s cousin Louise Henrietta out of Lime-Nassau, to carry Brandenburg, Anhalt and the Republic nearer to one another, ended up being profitable.

Charles was playing tennis that have Archduke Don Juan away from Austria and various other Foreign language grandees whenever his steward, Sir Stephen Fox, produced your the news one ‘it got delighted God out-of you to Monster’s Death, half a dozen instances before any Share reach’d Brussels’. There were rumours for a time that Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell is really ill, and Charles got removed several attempts to understand more about the potential for invading The united kingdomt. To have Dutch help, Charles naturally relied more on the brand new Lime faction than simply to your States-General, have been still associated with the brand new Protectorate.

From the Charles’s secret go to Downing advertised so you’re able to secretary and you can spymaster John Thurloe ‘ which is is a journey of delight, which none of the States-Standard neither anie person regarding note out of Amsterdam concerned him’

As for his female family relations, Charles currently had an excellent promiscuous profile while in the his exile, and also by then he is the father with a minimum of several people. Away from August 1658, however, he actively sought for the newest give out-of Henrietta Catharina out of Tangerine-Nassau. Together with their mother Amalia and her sis Maria, Henrietta Catharina tend to resided at castle of Turnhout, which had been made available to Amalia about Tranquility of Westphalia in the 1648. It had been here one to Charles visited the women from inside the August 1658. The distance to help you his short term quarters during the Hoogstraten, a town to the edging within Dutch Republic while the Language Netherlands, in which the guy spent their time stag query and you may hawking, are easily merely sixteen kms. Hoogstraten has also been a simple foot to own seeing his cousin Mary whenever she resided within castle out-of Breda, which had belonged with the Nassaus because the 15th century.

In early September, Charles, accompanied by Henry Butler, Marquess https://kissbrides.com/hot-french-women/ out-of Ormond, while others, went along to Frederik van Nassau-Zuylestein (an illegitimate child regarding Frederick Henry of Tangerine-Nassau) within their palace within the Leersum. Following that, thru Amsterdam, the guy made an effort to go to Matter William-Frederick regarding Nassau-Dietz within the Leeuwarden, but a storm stuck their cluster for the Enkhuizen and you will Charles was forced to go back and become together with his sibling Mary on the Hague. Charles’s reasons for having going to each other Zuylestein and you may Nassau-Dietz was indeed never ever revealed, however it is totally possible which he requisite these to help his go back to The united kingdomt. Zuylestein were to become appointed governor so you can Prince William III during the 1659; possibly Charles and designed to has actually exploratory discusses the education of their nephew William III. Alternatively, one another visits was meant to voice the actual one or two nobles as to if or not their intends to alia.

Charles’s visit to this new Dutch Republic didn’t go unnoticed by the George Downing, who was at that time an enthusiastic envoy out-of Cromwell’s Protectorate from inside the brand new Dutch Republic. However, Downing reported on the States-General:

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